Puente 9 Homework Log


8-23: Write a 1-page description of the Conocimiento

8-24: The question of Race Poem

8-25: Myself the writer response log/baseline

8-26: No Homework (=

8-27: Reflection on first week of Puente

8-30: T-chart for Birth Order Research (BOR)

8-31: No Homework (=


9-1: Back To School Night

9-2: A)Final BOR Essay 

        B)late work

9-3: A)Final Draft BOR

        B)Inference Table with 3CDs and 3CMs for first 4 chapters of HOMS 

        C)Hairs Modelling Assignment

9-6: No School (=

9-7: A)"What's in a Name" Handout

       B)Write your own My Name Vignette

9-8: A)Finish Side & #1 Of Lit Map

       B)Write A One Page Reflection on the story


9-10:A) Finish Side & #1 Of Lit Map

         B)Write A One Pafe Reflection on "The Circuit"

9/13: A)Read and Write ITs for Pg.56-64

         B)Rewrite your literary analysis of HOMS using inference tables (ITs)

9/15: Talk to the text and find two golden lines to "Yo Soy Joachin by Corky Gonzalez"

9/16: Rewrite My name and Hairs final draft, add more description!

9/20: HOMS pg.65-75

9/21: A)Rewrite 4 skinny trees outline into 3 paragraphs (Intro & 2 Body paragraphs) 

         B)Read Pg.76-85 of HOMS

9/22: A) Reflection on Rafaela

         B) Read HOMS Pg.86-93 with IT and figurative language post it notes  

9/23: Write a Reflection on "Sally" & find A golden line 

9/24: A) HOMS read pg.94-102 (Monkey Garden, Red Clowns,Lindeum Roses)

         B) Post it notes on every chapter and Inference tables

         C) Start designing your final lit map

9/27: Complete side one of lit map

9/28: A) Write a thesis sentence explaining what your essay will be about

        B) make a list 3-6 vignettes you wish to use

9/29: HOMS 1st. draft literary analysis

9/30: 2nd draft on HOMS essay must be typed


10/1:  Edit & type "My First Day in College"

10/4: Finish miising vignette assigment (must be typed)

10/5:  A)Design First Draft of Cover

           B)Make Changes to My Name and Hairs Asignment

10/6: Work on Puente Potfolio

10/7: Work on your Puente Potfolio 

10/8: Finish Puente Writing Porfolio

10/11: Finish Puente Portfolio

10/12: A) Review your HOMS lit analysis essay

             B)Show your parents your portfolio and write a reflection on their responce

10/13: Practice your skit

10/14: No Homework(=

10/15: Read Enrique's Journey and talk to the text

10/18: A) Answer Questions 1-7  

          B) Read Enriques Journey and talk to the text 

10/19: Write a Prediction on whats going to happen next in the movie El Norte

10/20: Continue with Enrique's Journey Pages 24-37 stop at section "An Education" Talk to the text

10/21: Same

10/22: A) Read and talk to the text pages 38-49, stop at "Perseverance" 

          B) write a one page reflection on anything yo have read so far 

10/25:  A)Finish reading


10/26: A)Sketch your rough draft

             B) Finish dia de los muertos reflection

10/27: Finish reflection

10/28: Finish:

             A)  play

             B) death poem

10/29: No homework (=


11/01: No school(=

11/02: Whille reading enriques journey searsh for

            1) the importnce of phone numbers

            2) dangers at traveling by train

            3) hiding from the Mara Salvatrucha

11/03:  NONE(=

11/04: NONE(=

11/05: Write about what imigration ia really about

11/08: A) Type Enriques Journey/Sin Nombre reflection

            B) Finish 1 page reflection on Cesar Chavez quote

11/09: NO HOMEWORK(=

11/10: 1 page reflection on _____ Leader

11/11: NO SCHOOL

11/12: Write a 2 page reflection on what happen in the conferance

11/15: Write a Reflection Explainning the Gender Roles and Traditions in our Family

11/16: A) Make a Family Tree

            B) Define Vocabulary words using Dictionary 
            C) Read up to page 10

11/17: A)Magical realism p.2-3

         B)  similie metaphor handout p.4

11/18: read all the way to april and answer questions

11/19: Write a one Page Reflection on how the author uses majical Realism as a Similie/Mataphor

11/22: Finish Family Tree

11/23: A) Read May-June-July

           B) Answer questions

           C) Find one quote on each chapter of Majical Realism

11/29: No Homework(=

11/30: A) Read Ch 8 and 9

            B) Chapter 8 organizor


12/01: A) Finish September

           B)Read October and Do Reading Questions

12/02: No Homework(=

12/3/10: A) LWFC Outline hand out

            B) LWFC Lit Map

12/6/10: No Homework

12/7/10: First Draft of LWFC Essay

12/8/10: Second Draft of LWFC Essay (typed)

12/9/10: One page reflection on the theme of "The Christmas Tree"

12/10/10: 500 word reflection on Dr.King's "I have a Dream" speech, and how it relates to the

             "The Dream Act'

12/13/10: 40 word reflection on whats "The Dream Act"



12/16/10: Read Chapter One on "To Kill a Mockingbird" and answer the character information

12/17/10: A)Read Chapters 1-10 and answer questions on the chapters

               B)Study Vocabulary


01/03/11:NO HOMEWORK(=

01/04/11:  Read chapters 11-14 and answer qustions

01/05/11: Read chapters 15-16, and answer questions

01/10/11: Finnish book and answer questions, 1-2 page literary analysis outline

01/19/11: Prediction on how you will do in all your classes in this second semester

01/20/11: Write a reflection on one of the heroes

01/24/11: Write about the poem "Elena"

01/25/11: Rewrite (type)literary analizys of "Elena"

01/26/11: A) Read to the text and answer questions for Chicano 2

                B) Read and talk to the text on Chicano 3

01/28/11: Research on Chicano movement and hero

01/31/11: No homework(=


02/01/11: Talk to text on the Rise of the Chicano student movement and Chicano Nationalism

02/02/11: Re-design your Time Line

02/03/11: Write a refletion about the video "Fight in the Fields"

02/07/11: Write 3 Paragraphs about the sentences you did with nouns

02/08/11: Interview parents about The Bracero program

02/09/11: Reflection on the video of The Braceros

02/11/11: Read pg's.81-91, 97-112; chose a story to reflect on

02/14/11: A) write a reflection on a valentines memory

                B) Finish inference tables